Legacy Artisan Cannabis

Grown On Saltspring Island By The Magi

Generations of Growing Craft Cannabis

Grown on Saltspring by the Magi.

Magi Cannabis is a small-scale, family-owned and operated farm located on Salt Spring Island, B.C.  As second-generation craft growers, we have deep love for the cannabis plants we cultivate; that love is evident in the exceptional products we work hard to create.  Josh and Nadine have been dedicated to growing fine cannabis since the ‘90s.

As longtime islanders, we employ a small team of family and friends and are committed to paying living wages and providing long-term jobs for local residents.  We have years of experience in medical cannabis production, and have recently completed building a Health Canada approved custom-designed facility for our Micro-Cultivation license.

At Magi Cannabis we celebrate the magic of this powerful plant medicine, which can help transform consciousness and support physical and mental health.  We have deep respect for the land we live on and the water and energy we use, and are grateful to be able to offer “the gift of flowers” to discerning consumers.


Our Cannabis

Grown on Saltspring by the Magi

We’re a small crew of growers and trimmers, many of us are second generation Cannabis producers.
Our aim is a premium flower with a delightful smoking experience. I’m always looking for a flower that perfectly characterizes the great qualities of its particular variety in aroma, taste and effect, as well as a consistently smooth burn.

  • Small Batch Artisanal Cannabis
  • Grown In Virgin Coir For A Consistent Burn
  • Two Week, Whole Plant, Cold Cure For A Smooth Smoke
  • Hand Trimmed Dry To Preserve Terps And Trichomes
  • Tested And Pure Non-Irradiated